Tuesday, February 17

smoking conversation

A: eh... got lighter ar?
B: got! got! got!
*light up the cigarrate
A: shhh... huuu... menthol r?
B: want to try ar?
A: dont want lar, kill sperm ar! eh... first year ar?
B: ya, first year first sem. u?
A: second year. what subject you take?
B: business.
*shake hand
A: Ang.
B: Ben.
A: eh... the miss boo got teach you ar?
B: got! got! got! she is fucking hot! man.
A: yala, last time when she teach us ar, walao... everyday mini skirt, make us steam everyday.
B: hahaha, we plan to gang bang her, want to join ar? haha...
A: on lar, i always on one!
B: eh... i am late to class d, caos first.
A: oklar, bye.

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