Wednesday, April 15

100M record

congratulation to our adb 100 meter record holder!
mister justin chua ah beng!
4 years ago which is year 2005,
the year that we got into the same class,
the year that we lepak and go everywhere together,
one day can, man, beng and longkachia went to a friend house,
it was around 10pm and the house is near by hin hua high school,
all of them still can't drive at the time so had to walk back to hin hua,
their friend gave each of them kayu in case got people try to lou lap,
when they reached the small dark road between hin hua and laksa,
beng walk in front then followed by longkachia then man then can,
a lao pok car suddenly vrooom drift in and suddenly stop there,
then they all stunned there looking at the car but did nothing,
they started to panic when saw the car wanted to reverse,
when longkachia wanted to ask beng if they should run,
when he turned his head toward beng to ask him,
beng is gone! he is already 30m far away from them,
he curi run himself and not telling them, what the f right?!
then longkachia shouted run and everyone ran except can can,
he thought of fight back with the kayu if really they want to lou lap,
can shocked when he is the only one left at the back and not running,
so he ran and others waited for him on bridge and keep add oil him,
when all of them successfully ran to the another side of the bridge,
they started to discuss what if they fight back bla bla bla,
then only they realize that can have the hardest kayu,
the rest of them punya kayu can break easily,
and the most important is what if the car didn't want to lou lap?!

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