Monday, August 31


i know you since senior one and to be honest i forgot when is the first time i talked to you, hahaha!

but i do remembered that... we run together when we almost kena lou lap, i eat your thai fried rice since senior one until now, i laughed together with you until teacher scolded also cant stop, i have to listen to you singing tong hua for more than ten times a day, i listened to you gang jzek about politic and temple and gangster stuff although i can only believe half, i played with your knee until you beh tahan and force both of your leg hide under that small desk, i laughed at you sleeping with your hand still writing and saliva dripping and your neck as pillow, we gila together to genting or pudu and kajang that we still dont know how to go,

your the most mature but still you should listen to us sometimes,
it's your birthday but i'm going to make a wish for you...
which is to get back your health, it's not about the size but a healthier body,
we all know that you drink alot and sleep so less, maybe yourself also know that,
and just to remind you that health is the most important in our life,
all of us truly hope that we don't have to visit you in hospital because of any health problem,
give yourself a chance, take care.


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