Thursday, December 9

we love you

reply leh
faster la
kia la
dont so diu ke lo
u change de
last time u wont like that
say the true la
u online for wqt
no reply
phone no reply
call u no answer
sms no reply
got also need to lineup
untill next day or half day
u say why
let me know wat ur problem
maybe i can help u
i help u to change k
i help u to walk out
then u will be a real man
not stupidboy
is a man
smart man
u know?
or yes man also can
u know wat is yes man
last time we go saw a movie
still remember
yes yes yes yes yes
u know
we must yes
try to choice yes
yes can let u more suprise
more enegry
more fun
more n more
try to say yes
everything sure got the frst time
try to say yes
try to reply
try to pick up ur phone
u know
adb stay wit u always
just do it
u know
i will give u my hand
also my time
to let u
become a real man
a real real real man
then u can get wat u wan
dont be afaird k
i wll always stay at uncle choon and waiting u
waithing u reply me
pick up my phone
be a man
i know maybe now, u so hard to face it
is ok
i can understand
u just let me talk
and u try to listen
be a man
i love u
we love u

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