Friday, June 26

gab's bio

Name: Gabriel Lai
Nickname: Gab, Destroyer

Interesting Facts
-Always have sohai idea
-The first blogger in ADB
-Like to burn things in class
-Pee on people's tyre outside Pudu Egg Tart
-Always ordered maggi goreng PEDAS at subaidah
-His car couldn't start at 3am on the first day of CNY
-Many people mistaken him as a girl when he had long hair
-His car is always the last when all ADB members drive out together
-Sat at the trunk with the rear door left opened and made whole mamak lookes at us
-Planned to cycle from KL to Penang but the plan cut short to Pangkor and then in the end OFF!
-Honk at traffic light when that thing was red for so long and he didn't know traffic police was beside him
-After having a haircut, his back was facing KOK TIONG all the time until KOK TIONG asked "Where is Gabriel?"

Famous Quotes
Sore throat
Car can't start
Petrol price too high or too low

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