Saturday, June 20

hot dog's bio

Name: Tang Yuan Fai
Nickname: Hot Dog

Interesting Facts
-Always blur
-Always say 'ur mother' to scold people
-Always make people laugh with his kesian face
-Come to klang only when someone passed away
-Someone said he looked like 14 years old in 2008
-Always send weird msg to people that is totally random
-Would jump up when he kena shock watching ghost movies
-Taught us to open car window and talk to the wind when noone choi you
-He sneezes with no sound and at least 5 times, his body jumps as he sneezes
-Honk outside his house and shouted his name at 3am will make him kena scold
Famous Quotes
"You guys come find me la"
Car rosak
Klang very far
I'm not Klang kia

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